Fight Like a Girl

State Street, Chicago, IL

I titled my project, Why I Live in Chicago, because of the unexpected corners of this beautiful city.  I adore photographing the ignored and forgotten.  One of my favorite images is one of my first posts, a lost set of dentures abandoned in a gutter.

I rarely, if ever, address my fellow citizens, the people of Chicago, IL.  We are a proud folk.  We live in a climate of extremes and those extremes help shape us.  In the winters, we do not stay inside and it makes us appreciate the summers even more.

Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL

As my sisters of Chicago took to the streets on 1/21/2017, the winter granted us an appreciated reprieve.  The sky was blue, the temps were mild and I stood in the middle of it all.  I snapped shot after shot of my favorite signs – signs that declared, “Let them come with the armies of Hell; they will not pass!” (Elizabeth: The Golden Age)

I take pictures of ignored and forgotten objects.  I’m not typically drawn to photographing people.  But 250,000 people said on Saturday, “We will be ignored no longer”.  These people, the 250,000, is the reason I live in Chicago.

Grant Park, Chicago, IL
Grant Park, Chicago, IL
Washington Street, Chicago, IL
Wabash, Chicago, IL

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